Bumblebees Knees

Each time I sit in my garden
I wonder about bumble bees,
They have big fat wobbly bodies
And hanging below are their knees.

They fly from flower to flower
Then disappear somewhere inside,
They come out all covered in pollen
I wish one would give me a ride.

We'd fly off to far distance gardens
And to wherever bumblebees go,
I'd wave to my neighbours below us
And to people I don't even know.

Before it got dark we would fly home
Over houses and gardens and trees,
Then I'd spend the rest of the evening                      Wondering, do bumblebees really have knees.

Spaghetti is a funny old thing
it's long and incredibly thin,
it comes in a bunch, we have it for lunch
and sometimes it comes in a tin.

i once found a tin but when i looked in
the spaghetti had gone from inside,
taken by force by a villain of course
then beaten then battered then fried.

that's no way for spaghetti to go
in some flower and water and fat,
it's really quite posh, it's Italian nosh
and it shouldn't be treated like that.

Spaghetti is tough but don't treat it rough
you will only make it get thinner,
it might disappear and then i fear,
you'll have nothing to eat for your dinner. 


Mum why do bits always wobble
when grown-ups jump up and down,
they never do when they are walking
or doing their shopping in town.

Is it only when they are dancing
doing Foxtrots or Quicksteps and stuff,
sometimes their big bits go flying
being grown-up must really be tough.

Wobbly Bits
Fishes Do Cry
Fishes do cry, our eyes never dry
a haddock once said with a grin,
then he turned round and smiled
as he swam up the Nile, and said
it's got nothing to do with this Gin.
Tree Watching
I looked at the trees in the dark
and wondered where they had all gone,
they were there in the light but now it is night
looking for trees in the night must be wrong.
Boy Scouts
There's thirty two boy scouts in a one man tent
camping just this side of Ryde,
that's sixty three feet sticking out of the end
no sixty four, sorry I lied.
{c} All Poems Copyright Rusty Douch
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