The Wild Bunch
Heatherton Grange, Somerset 1980

            The Wild Bunch
Heatherton Grange, Somerset 1980.

Vernon Oxford & Rusty

Ben Rees & Keith Manifold
And Rusty in Porthcawl

 Rusty & Boxcar Willie              

Rusty & Slim Pickins.

Rusty & Raymond Froggatt.
Pontins Brean Sands 2004.

Rusty & Ed Pearson.

      Billy Yates & Rusty
Pontins Brean Sands 2005

 Rusty-Terry Clifford And Garry Blackmore.

Rusty - Dave Sheriff - Slim Pickins
      Outside Reading Prison
And We Couldn't Play Either Of Them
Royal Fleet Club Plymouth.
   Daily Sketch National Skiffle Final, Regal Cinema
                Kingston Upon Thames  1958. 
Rusty-Slim Pickins-Terry Edwards
    Ed Pearson - Pontins Hemsby.
The Foresters With Roy Orbison.
Rusty-Ron-Bob-Roy Orbison-Billy-Peter
In Holland.
Before he took to wearingThe Dark Glasses
Wally The Washboard Player
   John Permenter & Rusty                                          Pontins Brean Sands 2005.        
DJ Roger Shepherd & Rusty
 Pontins Brean Sands 2005.

Philomena Begley & Rusty
Ladram Bay Devon 2006.
Photo: Gilberts Of Mayfair
Radio London Charts 1965.

Eddie Noack on tour with The Wild Bunch 1976

Rusty & Tony Peck  {The Pecker}
          Rusty's Daughter Tara - Sister-in-law Sandy 
Patsy Montana - Paul Rose & Rusty in Sacramento -1980

Patsy Montana with her Family taken on our visit         
 her Daughter Judy in San-Diego USA. 1980

Rusty With West Virginia At Pontins 
             Brean Sands 2006.
Joni Harms & Rusty At Pontins Brean Sands 2006.
At Heavy Transport St Austall Cornwall.
Rusty-Rod Harrison-Dave & Pete.
Dave-Pete-Rod & Rusty.
The Wild Bunch with founder member                                     Chic Henderson                          
Terry Clifford - Rusty & Glyn Taylor
Summer Season Caister Holiday Park.
Rusty & Froggie At Ladram Bay 2006.
And Then Came The WILD BUNCH.
          Steve Cherelle & Rusty
 Southern Country Radio Awards 2007
            Lakeside, Frimley
               Rusty & Ellie Scott
Southern Country Radio Awards 2007
               Lakeside, Frimley
              Dave Sheriff & Rusty
Southern Country Radio Awards 2007
                 Lakeside, Frimley
           Kenny Johnson & Rusty
Southern Country Radio Awards 2007
              Lakeside, Frimley
The Owner Of Lakeside Mr Bob Potter OBE & Rusty
          Southern Country Radio Awards 2007
Eddie Noack On Stage With The Wild Bunch
Steve Downing-Slim Pickins
   Frank McCarthy & Rusty
        Rusty-Pete Sallows-Keith Chilvers-Alan Russell
               Having A Break During Recording
At The BBC In London
        Valerie Smith & Liberty Pike - USA
With Rusty at The South Will Rise Again 2007
Roy Heinrich & Rusty at TSWRA 2007.
Rusty With Lisa O'Kane at TSWRA 2007.
Micheal Martin-Rusty-Tom Russell at TSWRA 2007.
Rusty at Montie Montana's Ranch
         Aqua Dulce California 1980.

Froggie & Rusty Laughing at the word BOUNCE
                      TSWRA 2007.

     Ed Lawton-Rusty & Kate Sala
Dancelines-Butlins Bognor Regis 2006.
Rusty & Steven Smyth
  Pontins Brean 2007.
Rusty & The Muldoon Hangovers
         Pontins Brean 2007.
 Rusty & Peter Donegan
Pontins Wall Park Devon
Rusty & Peter Donegan
   With Lonnies Band

Rusty-Dave Sheriff & Slim
   Radio Awards 2008
Without Prison Uniforms.
 DJ's Roger - Pepper & Rusty
  Pontins Brean Sands 2008.
Frank McCarthy - Rusty - Slim Pickins
The Little Buddies-We Don't Know Where Or When.  Do You????
     Are You Sure That This
 Is The Door Into The Studio?
             July 2009.
Recording Engineer Mike Godden
      In The Studio-July2009
          Yes It Was The Way In.
Recording "Cutting The Bluegrass"
                    July 2009.

     Tony, The Man That
 Keeps Me On The Road
Rusty - Aubrey Lovejoy & Slim Pickins
Southern Country Awards Day 2010.
Chic Henderson/Rusty Douch/Glyn Taylor/Terry Clifford
The Foresters Calling Card Courtesy of Terry Tubbs.
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Rusty & Jon Derek 1990
John Ryder - Rusty - John (Rowdy) Yates

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