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This is the RUSTY DOUCH Website. I hope that you find something of interest within these pages, they are about Rusty and some of the people that he has met on a very long and interesting journey as an Entertainer, some people who he has worked with and some that he still works with today. Why don't you get a proper job Mother shouted from the back yard as she turned the handle of the mangle, to me this was a proper job and the only thing that I really wanted to do. Any journey in the Entertainment business has it's ups and downs but we tend to remember more of the ups as the years go by and the downs seem to be remembered as a bit of a laugh.
On the Archive page there are some photo's from way back to where it all started, there are some from the Seventies and Eighties when Posh Stage Outfits were the order of the day, they didn't make the music sound any better but we sure looked Posh in them days, how times have changed. While we are talking about Stage Clothes there is a photo of Rusty with Boxcar Willie and one taken with Slim Pickins, they both always looked smart on stage in their own Special Posh Outfits. Come on in and have a look around.
Could I ask you to please wipe your feet first as I have only just mopped the floor.Thanks and watch out for the Cat.
Are you sure it's not a Cat, Oh I am so sorry, and i did go to Specsavers...
How's your leg?

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On Stage At Penstowe Bude Cornwall

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